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Thread: Is there any point in doing power spins?

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    Is there any point in doing power spins?

    So i've been playing with the new 'spin the wheel' game on futwatch. So far, my best 2 players have been 96 Ronaldo and TB Beckham which I both got by doing regular spins. I have done several power spins all of which have been terrible. I did a power spin with 5000 power and got a 77 rated gold, and I did one with 10000 power and got 85 kompany. I did another power spin with only roughly 500 power and got IF Bellerin. As far as I can see im better off avoiding the power spin button altogether, but if someone can tell me how it works, it would be appreciated.
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    I agree, I need to know how it fully works.

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    I just got 95 aubameyang in a 2000 power spin

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    500-Otamendi 1000-Rooney 2000-Aubameyang 3000-Gullit

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    Same I got striker Ronaldo in a regular spin.

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