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Thread: Black Friday Packs So Far

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    Black Friday Packs So Far

    What was the best thing you packed in the Black Friday packs so far? Mine was Throwback Zanetti!

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    Well forget that legend valderrama, future and sif neymar

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    Legend Butragueno, IF Ronaldo, Pro Fry and TB Romario

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    I Finally got f-ing regular Ronaldo!! + IF Iniest, IF Godin !!

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    Legend Crespo,Brehme,Cambell and Bergkamp and IF Ronaldo and a Pro player card Bahoui?
    Unfornayely did not save Ronaldo and Brehme

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    Hero Cristiano Ronaldo, Legend Van Basten, Legend Rijkaard, Legend Gattuso, TB Deco, TB Thierry Henry, Hero Aguero, IF Godin and IF Alexis Sanchez.

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    Legend Schevcenko and Pro Card Keane

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    Yeah... I was in the city today so I only got Throwback Rui Costa and IF Neuer... >=(

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