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Thread: Most random pulls

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    Most random pulls

    There are two types of FutWatch pulls. The first is finally packing that one special player after spending like a bil to get him. The second is just pulling something amazing without even expecting it, which is the subject of this topic.

    So, what have been your most random pulls? Mine were my three Gullits (one in a multi pack when looking for silver informs, one when hunting for that 92 neuer in 100ks a few weeks ago, and one hunting for position changes in 100ks last night), Beckenbauer when I was hunting for that IF Reus a few months ago, and that MOTM Suarez that I packed without me even knowing he was available.

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    I was almost falling asleep opening Legend Shot Packs and bang I get Van Der Sar!

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    I pulled Tb Lucio for the first time and then the next pack I got Tb Garrinchia

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    when there was st. patricks packs 2 minutes before lighting round i packed pauleta in 100k pack

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    ronaldo in a 30k pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by the new HDTY View Post
    ronaldo in a 30k pack
    That happened to me at least 3 times bro

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    I got Roy Keane on Valentine's Day haha
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    Sitting there and I got TB Pele.

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    just opening packs i got tb ronaldo and george best and i got team of the year sergio ramos yesterday

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    whats the most u spended trying to find a player

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