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Thread: How do people have so many special cards?

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    Question How do people have so many special cards?

    Hi there,

    I'm new to FIFA 20 (bought it to stave of quarantine boredom...) and I'm doing ok on ultimate team, currently in Div 8 on rivals and I've got a Barclays PL team with a rating of about 82.

    However, even in these lower leagues I am constantly coming up against people with ridiculous teams that must cost millions of coins. It makes it difficult to enjoy playing online as I so rarely come up against someone with a similar standard team to mine.

    Where are people getting these special cards from and how do I get them without spending real money?!

    Any help/advice much appreciated


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    I would recommend squad battles, I think gold 3 gets you 15k every sunday. Plus with how well you do in rivals, that turns into 30-35k a week. That's mainly how people get them. Obviously there's the people who get lucky and get players like Pogba, prime icons, or even a FUT Birthday currently. I would recommend going on futbin, and looking at their values for SBC packs because you can get 50k packs for 5-8k coins. Probably go for cheap beast players as well (McGinn has 2 IF that are CHEAP, and is an absolute tank.)

    Hope this helps! Happy FIFA-ing

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