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Thread: Honest Opinion on FW 20. (DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY!)

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    Honest Opinion on FW 20. (DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY!)

    So far this year, FW 20 hasn't been at it's peak for me. FW 19 has been better than this so far. The prices aren't changing, many icon pictures are wrong and some players are glitched. This lowers your price, which is annoying for me since I wanted to do better this year. Prime Icons, IF's are fixed prices and the price of the gold cards are the same as the end of last year. There wasn't a FW TOTY for the first time since FW 18 (dk bout this), which is very frustrating and, yeah. FW hasn't been that good for me. If you have different opinions, do not take my opinion seriously. If you would like to send your opinion, reply with it!

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    You're not wrong. I wasn't even going to keep the website going this year because I have almost no time to work on it. I decided to make FW 20 anyway because so many people told me that they still enjoy it and didn't want me to shut it down. EA then made things harder by eliminating their database and preventing me from automatically updating prices. A bunch of personal stuff also came up this year making it yet even harder to keep the site updated. So I apologize that futwatch isn't what it used to be, but I'm doing my best considering the circumstances.

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    oh. thank you for telling me that and for bringing out the toty packs on time :D

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    Just appreciate what Ross does, imo itís not where near as popular as a few years ago so just have fun

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    Ross man, where do you want to go with the puzzle? like i got the clue and been thinking for hours

    (its about the ibra, cavani icardi one :/)

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