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Thread: Futwatch 20 Futmas

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    Total stats to all be even

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentHyPo View Post
    high dribling if i remember correctly
    i chose high dribbling stats, but still it's incorrect

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    I clicked past the hint on accident and now he says “X number of Salah’s goons could get past that crew”
    What do I need to do?

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    What do I have to do at "X of the crew must not have been on the same page and ended up in the Seine river. Dry them off and try something else" ?
    It's same nation I think.
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    I am trying to figure out the one with stairs and teams. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentHyPo View Post
    and what is the solution for even squad
    Stats should be even for all players in total.

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    What about the unified force

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExpiredPigeon98 View Post
    try to find players who have more even stats than odd (including their overall rating)
    What means odd stats ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snosher View Post
    What about the unified force
    All players from the same nation

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