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Thread: Ads on FW

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    Ads on FW

    My ads take half of the screen, what can I do apart from activating adblock (If I even can do anything)?

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    Take it as it is, and scroll down :) It's the same for me, but I don't really care.

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    Yes, I also have this problem. It's annoying. And if I open for example 2000 packs, it's uncomfortable to see only half of a cards that are at the top of the pack, or scrolling down which is even worse (if you open 20 - yes, but with 2000 it isn't a good idea). In my opinion only good ways are: installing adblock, or changing screen size. But I really would like Ross to do something with this, if he can of course.

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    It is pretty annoying. But hey, I just opened some packs right now and the ads were like before, so I'm happy again :)

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    This should be fixed now. Google decided to start being evil

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    I figured it was from Google. Thanks Ross

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