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Thread: Banned from the transfert market ???

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    Banned from the transfert market ???

    Hello, I already sent an email to but I send the email here too : Hello,
    I'm Louis Delaunay (RCSA67100) and I play FW for 5 months. I just logged in as everyday and I saw I'm banned form the transfert market ! I will explain why I think I am accused of breaking the rules: my brother Timeo (RCSA67109) started playing FW recently and his two favorite players are George Weah and George Best. So as I had them in my club, I wanted to sell him their Throwback cards, having no other cards from them. To sell my players on the transfer market, I usually list my players at the prices displayed when you click on them in your club. That's why he paid more than 2000 coins I think and you blocked me access to the transfer market! But I didn't want to deliberately break the rules of the transfer market! I just wanted to make my brother happy by selling him these two favorite players! Here, I have therefore explained to you why I think I am accused of "cheating" on your site but know that this was not intentional, because I play FW for more than about 2 hours a day, as soon as I am free. Futwatch is therefore the game I have been playing the most in recent months and that being deprived of the transfer market just to make someone happy is certainly the worst thing that can happen to me... In this case, remove the transfer market if each time a player is sold, his seller is banned. Without a transfer market, the game is of little interest and I will therefore stop playing it for a while.
    Make your decision, whether positive or negative, I would still accept it. Yours sincerely.
    Louis Delaunay (RCSA67100)

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    That's wrong. It's not coin transferring. Futwatch is strict on this rule and its bots are able to know your IP. I think this is why you got banned. Le's get this heard by futwatch.

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    It's unlocked. Thanks to you and Futwatch !

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