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Thread: Your FW History

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    Your FW History

    As year 5 of futwatch clubs is nearly ending i thought now would be a good time to look back on performances over the past 5 years. Here we post the name we had during that year and the final position we had in the leaderboards at the end of the year. Iíll start:

    FW15: donít recall, within the top 20 (legends pls)
    FW16: 2nd (legends pls) (my club got reset so this is my april ranking)
    FW17: 3rd (Mother Packer)
    FW18: 6th (Justin and Olivia FWC)
    FW19: 6th (The Insecurity Guards FWC) (as of now)

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    OK, so I started playing FW in October 2018 (one month after start of Futwatch 19), but I was visiting Futwatch before this date. I sometimes was trying to play some draft simulators and one of pages when I could do this was Futwatch (I visited Futwatch first time at the end of FW 16), but I didn't decide to make an account in Futwatch (it was probably because off that level of luck in drafts in FW was just bad). In 2017 I decided to make an account on other website - Futhead (they didn't have drafts, but they had quite good pack simulator and FIFA comunnity pages). I was playing Futhead for about 1,5 year (from FIFA 17 to FIFA 19 start). I decided to make an account in Futwatch, because Futhead founders completely stopped caring about pack simulator (it was thing that I liked, and I had very good collection). And in October 2018, I decided to make an account in FW, and when I started playing on FW, I stated that Futwatch is MUCH better page to playing and decided to leave Futhead. My nick at the start was other than actual, but I don't remember it (I changed it after I got first Change Your Club name unlock). Now I think leaving Futhead and making account in Futwatch and playing it was great choice, and I'm planning to stay here for next years.

    My history (will be editing after every year's ending, in September):

    FW 19: 3rd place (Prawdziwy Polak)
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    FW 15: didn't play
    FW 16: finished top 10 (Raffi)
    FW 17: finished top 25 (raffitobyhsss)
    FW 18: finished top 25 (raffitobyhsssdanny)
    FW 19: currently 2nd (thesixmusketeers)

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    FW 15: didn't play
    FW 16: finished top 10 (Raffi)
    FW 17: finished top 25 (raffitobyhsss)
    FW 18: finished top 25 (raffitobyhsssdanny)
    FW 19: currently 2nd (thesixmusketeers)

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    FW 15: 20th
    FW 16: like top 500
    FW 17: 5th
    FW 18: 4th
    FW 19: 1st

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    FW 15: didn't play
    FW 16: 2nd before my club reset in july with 949M club value (bonobomarc)
    FW 17: 1st (OlympiqueLyonnais later renamed France 2018)
    FW 18: 1st (France 2018)
    FW 19: 16th (France 2018)

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    FW 15: top 500
    FW 16: top 500
    FW 17: top 100
    FW 18: top 50
    FW 19: top 300

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    FW15: didn't really play
    FW16: started playing at the end of the year
    FW17: top 20 (17th)
    FW18: top 40 (36th)
    FW19: didn't play in the beginning, probably top 600 or something

    always had the same account (SamFD3S, FreeAlexGalchenyuk, JesperiKotkaniemi)

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