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Thread: Re-Release Update???

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    Re-Release Update???

    I was thinking since I am getting bored opening TOTS Packs, that you can re release the old packs (exclucing fw birthday and spd) that were around Futwatch this year. I really want to open TOTY packs again since TOTS packs are always on all year and that TOTY packs are only around for a week. *THIS WILL REALLY HELP WITH THE PEOPLE WHO NEEDS TO COLLECT TOTYS!* If not, release a TOTY Exchange???
    Thanks for taking your time reading this! Much love towards Futwatch this year.

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    TOTS packs are out because TOTS is out. TOTY aint out and thus TOTY packs aren't either.
    Also Ross said on his stream that he didn't see the point in a toty sbc so good luck with that one

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    Did Ross change his mind about TOTY SBC at all since then?

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