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Thread: 4231, 41212(2), or 433(2)?

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    4231, 41212(2), or 433(2)?

    I've read a lot of things online that point towards 4231 (the narrow version) being the 'Meta' and best formation to use in FIFA 19 at the moment. It apparently provides the best balance of attack & defence, and is also used by the majority of the professional players who play FIFA for money. Granted, I am no professional, but I guess it points towards just how good the formation can be if it is used by a lot of the pros out there as well.

    Regardless, I just wanted to know how effective you guys think it actually is in terms of doing well in the Weekend League and Ultimate Team in general? The thing is, I am debating between using the 4231 or 41212(2), and at the moment am finding it very hard to choose between the two. I guess that I do just as well with either formation, although perhaps 'slightly' better with 41212(2). That being said, I'm just wondering how effective the two formations are, the higher up the ladder in the Weekend League you go.

    Whilst the 4231 can be good defensively, I find that if I go 1 or 2 goals down, I find it extremely hard to regain the lead using this formation, whereas with 41212(2) I can get goals back quite efficiently. I'm using 4231 at the moment, purely for the fact that everybody claims it is the best formation, so I figured that if I can get used to it properly it'd be my best option, but I'm open to change of course if opinions differ.

    With all that being said, the formation I'd most like to use and be successful with out of all of them is 433(2), the one with 2 CMs and a DM. The problem is, I've never had as much success with this formation as I've had with 4231 and 41212(2), so I'm kinda forced to NOT use it, even though I'm desperate for it to work. There doesn't seem to be any guide online at all for 433(2) in FIFA 19, and have read numerous times on Reddit that hardly anybody uses it.

    TLDR: 4231 Narrow, 41212(2), or 433(2) in Weekend League?

    Thanks guys.

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    I've barely played any weekend league this year and I'm not really any good, so I won't give you my thoughts on specific formations, but why don't you set up your custom tactics to be able to switch between them? Use 41212(2) when you want to attack and quickly switch to 4231 when you need to protect a lead?

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