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Thread: Futwatch Change Log

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    Futwatch Change Log

    I'm going to try to start posting here when I make changes that aren't necessarily immediately visible to everyone

    • Buffed chances of packing daily reward players in prime gold player packs
    • Added ability to pack flash forward players in prime gold player packs
    • Buffed chances of packing world players in 30k multi packs
    • Added ability to remove flag from profile

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    • FUT Future Stars added to the wheel
    • While purple hero cards have always been available in the wheel, the wildcard slot will now properly turn purple

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    • Added EPL Daily Reward Players to packs and the catalogue
    • Added remaining January FUT Swaps players
    • Added several more card types to the progress page
    • Added the first limited edition card to daily reward packs and put up the limited edition page under the 'more' menu
    • Added missing Icon SBCs
    • Added world player upgrade SBC

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    • Added a number of missing dynamic images
    • Finally added throwback Klinsmann's image after like 3 years
    • Added a few more card types to the transfer market filter
    • Released Lunar New Year Spin the Wheel

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    • Added La Liga and Scottish Premiership SBCs
    • Added mini premier league players to Mini EPL packs
    • Added mini premier league set reward

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    • Added Süper Lig SBC
    • Since day 1, there have been quite a few players who had multiple versions in packs. In preparation for adding transfers, I've started cleaning these up. Today I updated around 250 players to remove the old versions from packs / remove duplicate versions of players.

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    • Added Van Der Sar, Nesta, Owen, and Saudi Professional League SBCs
    • Around 700 transferred players added to packs
    • Added an additional 80 throwback players to packs

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    • Fixed the price of the lunar new year profile banner. It now properly costs 25 firecrackers
    • Added EPL Daily Reward player set rewards

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    • Added around 200 transfers to packs

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