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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin Bum is God View Post
    Do duplicate players from packs add to your total club value, or is it just new players? My club value is approximately 850million coins so I'm just wondering what that accounts for
    No, duplicate players do not add to your club value.

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    why are this players country league and club are undefined?
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    Fixed, thanks for pointing it out

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    When I type in "gibralt" at the club badge in the profile options, it shows "Gibraltar" and "Gibralter"

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    1. Pack animation is broken: when you get special card/ high rated rare gold (opening pack with animation), you'll see, that one image of pack (that in the front) is from FW 20, but that pack image at the back is still from FW 19. It happens in every type of pack.
    2. Daily Reward Players are untradeable, but still - people somehow can put them on Trasfer Market and start auction. I bet it shouldn't be like that. I wrote about it on Twitter, but you probably didn't see it, so I write here.

    Edit: Sorry for putting it on a bad forum thread. I noticed it a few hours after writing it.
    Edit 2: Animation is fixed now
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    Daily reward players should no longer be able to be put onto the transfer list

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    What is the best way to get Power players, like whts the numbers to get them for power spin?

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    You need to do power spin with certain number of power. We don't know those numbers and we need to find them. Only number that we know is 1000 power for Dubickas 57. We are trying to find rest

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