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Thread: Power techniques

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    Power techniques

    Hello everyone,,
    Okay so this is what i do to find the power i am aiming ps: please don't hate saying oh that makes no sense it hard to explain and it works everytime for me:
    1: first whatever power you are going for (example i am going for 5,000 power) what you want to do is be really aware on the power you are on...

    2: the sweet spot is to be around 4,6 thousand ish so it can be 4,678, 4,644 what ever

    3: take out your calculator and keep on adding random easy numbers till you get to your power (ex: 4,678 + 66 = 4744 + 66 = 47810 + 66 = 4876 + 66 = 4942)

    4: BOOOOM you need a 58 rated player which isn't that hard ... this for me works every time but remember to always be on the 4,600ish area, it doesn't have to be 66 it can be 68 and end up with a 60 rated player this for me works like a charm hope it helps you!!!

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    This doesn't work for me...

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