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Thread: bugs, glichtes etc.

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    bugs, glichtes etc.

    In this thread you can post every bug or glitch or mistake you can find on futwatch.

    In the Match Prediction section it is written that the percentages are still displayed, but they aren't displayed anymore.
    And the game between CD Nacional and Chaves takes place on 23rd December and not on 22nd December.

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    I removed the reference to the percentages and the game must have been rescheduled. It should update automatically within the next 24-48 hours. Thanks

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    It says "Futwatchampions" is this deliberate?

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    Yes, that's deliberate

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    I use giveaway codes that seem to work for everyone but me. It sais that i've already used this code even if it is a different code. Could you fix it?

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    In a daily reward pack, I got the UAE flag but when I want to add it to my profile I can't find it, it happened to me twice.
    Is there really a UAE flag on Futwatch or it's just a bug where it shows that I got this flag but in fact it's for another country??

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    The FUT Swaps December players are still there.

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