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Thread: bugs, glichtes etc.

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    Futwatch champs packs store players to your futwatch champs club. It's a completely different club that resets every week. Are you sure you're looking at the right club and that it hasn't been a week since you opened it?

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    90 prime icon deco is position CAM but in player details he is CM

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    Interesting. I was unaware of the existence of different clubs and so do not know where to find the futwatch club. i think it has been over a week since packing the modric, but i got the Puyol just yesterday, so he will still be there i hope

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    Damn, it was Sunday yesterday so it seems i have lost both. I have found the section for it now though. Thanks for letting me know that this was the reason, means now i can just feel cheated by my own stupidity instead of the game itself haha. Ty. Edit: It appears the Puyol has come back. Are cards from this club tradable?
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