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Thread: Transfer Market

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    Transfer Market

    Alright guys, the transfer market is up, post players you want/need here and others can let you know a price

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    Ig I'll start, anyone have otw nainggolan or totw Lewa?

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    Anyone have a if jesus amiz will pay 200

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    yeah i have naingolan how much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changii15 View Post
    yeah i have naingolan how much?
    Honestly it'll be hard cuz when you put him up others will bid too, and I can put an Imaz up for you

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    ok thats cool tell me if so, do u have a non rare gold lezcano , last non rare gold i need

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    Ya I'll put him up too, 350 good?

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    300 cus its a 75 rated non rare plz

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