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Thread: Market tendencies, requiring advice!

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    Market tendencies, requiring advice!

    Hi all! I have been playing ultimate team for 6-7 years and although not brilliant at the game, I love building a brilliant squad and improving as the season progresses.This year I have started trading to build up a decent sum of money and buy some of the more sought after players. To be honest, I am enjoying trading more than playing the actual game itself which is a little bit strange.

    I have a very nice La Liga team that consists of the following ;

    Suarez, Bale, Messi, kroos, modric, ramos, umtiti (CL) , marcelo, courtois etc (TYPICAL, i know.. I lack imagination)

    I am at the point of being bored of using this squad, and after about 3 weeks of playing with it i'm itching to sell up, and re employ a new group! I notice that, after the weekend (Monday) were looking at a fall in prices of around the 10-15% mark from where they were on say Thursday for all my individual players SO! My question is,[U] will the market value strengthen again and increase back to where it was throughout the coming days OR has supply genuinely increased to the point of lowering price levels for these players present in my squad permanently. Basically do I hold out before selling?

    Thanks so much to anybody who has taken the time to read my thread, and hopefully supply me with some information and advice on this matter.

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    There are typical fluctuations throughout the week such that generally you can get away with buying on one day and selling on another and make a profit, but you have to keep in mind that black friday is coming, which will cause some upheaval. Everyone seems to be predicting that there will be no crash this year, but even if everyone knows it's coming, there are still going to be thousands of 100k packs opened, so expect at least flash crashes when all those players hit the market.

    Generally prices trend downwards towards the end of November and then tick back up in December and then crash back down again around TOTY in January.

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