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Thread: How Do I Defend Against Ping Pong Passing?

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    How Do I Defend Against Ping Pong Passing?

    I've been playing FIFA for years now, and never thought I was that bad until now. I've gone 50 games without a win and it's really starting to grind on me. I don't want to just give up, but it's making me feel as though there's nothing I can do anymore. Granted, I'm not the best player in the World of course, but I never thought I was THIS bad.

    I KEEP coming up against the same type of players in 1v1. It's literally like it's the same guy playing against me constantly, as they ALL play the exact same way, and I've no idea how to defend against it. Perhaps you've seen it yourself, but it's when they seem to have their whole team stuck in their own half in defence, yet when they break and go on the attack it's impossible to win the ball back. They seem to keep either their 2 strikers or their 3 forwards up the pitch and just ping pong the ball between them ridiculously fast and accurate. No matter how often I try to close them down, they just don't lose the ball. It's like I'm playing against the CPU on Ultimate difficulty or something, because their passing accuracy is just insane. They hold LB (on Xbox controller) and send the player that they just passed with forward, and keep doing that constantly every time they pass, and it's impossible to keep up with.

    I've tried it myself, but even though I like to think I'm a somewhat decent passer, I can only do it 3-4 times and then the ball gets intercepted and the opposition launch a counter attack. Yet when these players I keep coming up against do it, they NEVER seem to lose the ball, even though they're ping ponging it around between just 2 players. I don't see the point of having a whole team if you're just able to break opposition teams down with just 2 players, but that seems to be the norm in this FIFA, and I need a way to counter it.

    I've tried to stand off them, although this seems to motivate them to play even better. It's like they think "This guy is scared, so I'm gonna start messing around with the ball and do loads of skill moves and dribbles now". If I close them down, they ping pong tiki taka, but if I stand off them they just dribble at you and do skill moves. There doesn't seem to be any way of countering it.

    I'd really appreciate some help/advice with this. I'm not sure if there's specific custom tactics or even player instructions I can use to counter it, but any tips would be much appreciated.

    Thank you guys.

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    Hey man, this forum is mainly for if you really want help with this from guys with experience, check out the fifa reddit

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    It seems like all you can really do is let the AI control your defenders and then try to use a CM or CDM to manually cut passing lanes. If you try to manually control your CBs, they'll just pass right through you

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    I think the best way I have found is defending with the CMs and try to let the AI do as much defending as possible

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    Pressure all the time and use CDMs. Also using "stay back when attacking" attributed to your cdm or cm can also help.

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