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Thread: Halloween Combos

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpalumbo View Post
    You can also use a player named Grillo instead of scarione, he fits the Argentina/Goztepe requirement. Also you can use Ounas instead of goulham
    still like the same chance of getting Grillo, and Goulham was fairly easy to get. got Scarione in the end so allg

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    I finally found my special combination, after a long long grind

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    Any tips on how to find my special combo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisSavr View Post
    Any tips on how to find my special combo?
    Read through this thread, everythings on here

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    ive gotten nougats and they told me i shouldnt use 8 of 10 candys. its mint and chocolate that i should use to get it. but it wont work. am i missing something?

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