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Thread: Looking to share a club

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    Looking to share a club

    Looking to share a club with someone... will grind a lot, especially spin the wheel. Looking for hopefully a club in the top 3-4 pages if possible.

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    i'm john twitter.
    New squad project: sets: 6/11, 6/11, 5/11, 4/11, 3/11, bdors 0/3, random rewards 0/2, don't know th last player.

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    Twitter. My twitter is DxnnySmith_

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    Quote Originally Posted by felson View Post
    i'm john twitter.
    ??? didnt understand you

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    I also want to share a club, at the moment I have a top 100 club on my own, but that one is on a privit facebook account. so if sombody wants tot start a new one a public fb or twitter account or has a good account wich I can join please tel me

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    i have a 100 million club, koseiangel, i think i will need some help with hi-lo players

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