These are the answers and explanations for the FIFA 19 giveaway puzzle located here. If you want to try to solve it on your own, stop reading now and go try it

1. Kylian Mbappé - The stats match his 97 rated FoF card

2. Mohamed Salah - The players shown are the top goalscorers in the last 7 premier league seasons. The next person to be the top scorer was Mo Salah

3. Brazil - The first seven host nations of the world cup. Brazil is missing

4. LACH - Zoom in on Klose's hand and you'll see the answer

5. West Ham - The last letter of each player's name

6. Paris (or PSG) - If you were to draw a line from Chelsea's stadium to Marseille's stadium and another one from Nurnberg's stadium to Lorient's stadium, it would make a big X with Paris at the center. Another way of looking at is that Paris is just in the middle of the four clubs listed on the cards

7. Nedved - He played for each of the clubs listed on the cards (and in that order)

8. Alavés - If you follow Benatia's pointing finger, he's pointing at a hidden link. Click on the link and you'll get an mp3 of morse code. Decode the morse code and it will be all the clubs in La Liga except for Alavés

9. Woodrow - If you put the players in alphabetical order, you get Cedric, Grigg, Kaderabek, Orozco, Sergio Ramos. They all start and end with the same letter and form the pattern C, G, K, O, S. Each letter skips forward four in the alphabet. If you continue the pattern, the next letter is W. The only player in FUT 18 that starts and ends with the letter W is Woodrow.