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Thread: Individual Chemistry Doubt

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    Individual Chemistry Doubt

    Hi I hope the post is not misplaced, but here it goes


    I read all the articles on futhead and other sites but I still don't figure out how to sum correctly mainly because of players with only 2 links.

    For istance, my squad (4-4-1-1 w/ klopp bundesliga all players loyal)


    kimmich boateng sokratis schmelzer

    robben james thiago reus


    fullkrug IF 82

    For example Reus is only linked to LB and CM, how do I make the sum as a /10 fraction?

    For instance, KIMMICH would be 9 correct? Only BM players around him and robben not german, the coach is german so am I correct?

    I really am only understanding details of the team chem so I need to calculate what's good or not, until this week I believed only team chemistry mattered, so all my squad is under review

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    I'm not entirely following your question. If you have an entirely bundesliga squad where all the players are in their correct positions, they all have loyalty, and you have a bundesliga manager, everyone is going to be on full chem. You likely don't even need the manager at all.

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