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Thread: Transfer Market

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    if we see something suspicious should we do something like tell you or something ross?

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    i got 93 van basten for 606. pretty solid

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    Just found a random netherlands 56 rated cdm going for 1.9 and 2.6k wtf

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Just found a random netherlands 56 rated cdm going for 1.9 and 2.6k wtf
    could be coin funneling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluezez68 View Post
    could be coin funneling
    Listed one for 150, let's see if anyone really needs him.

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    btw i put up that IF Martinez whoever wanted it

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    People listing up Al Hasbi for 5000 coins? Why? I've seen him on the market lately for all sorts of prices. Is he needed for a SBC or something

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    Anybody can list De Gea 91 regular and 88 OTW Aubameyang?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davao View Post
    No it isn't a promo code. Limited edition cards are cards that you can only get off the market or if you lucky you pack them in daily packs. Ross puts a certain amount of limited edition cards into daily packs each day. For Robles he put 100 of them into daily packs, after the first 100 people pack Robles the only way you can get him is if one of those 100 people list him on the market.
    Ohhh these are the limited edition players for the Daily Reward packs Ross was talking about on a stream then, thanks!

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