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Thread: Icon.......... IN A 2 PLAYER PACK

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    Icon.......... IN A 2 PLAYER PACK

    Spent at least 200,000,000 coins in Icon shot packs yesterday, and I got no icon.

    Today, in a 2 PLAYER PACK I get one........

    Holy shit

    Has anyone else packed one in 2 player packs?

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    Wow... I don't remember even packing a decent player in these lol

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    Somone in the twitter chat got gullit (not sure but i think it was him) in 17.
    New squad project: sets: 6/11, 6/11, 5/11, 4/11, 3/11, bdors 0/3, random rewards 0/2, don't know th last player.

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    that amount spent....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIFAZAC View Post
    that amount spent....
    Yeah, I haven't logged out since the start of Futwatch 18.

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