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Thread: best pack to open

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    best pack to open

    I'm lost. I see many people pack legends and good informs on this but here I just pulling 81 rated informs out of the 100k packs. I'm aware of the saturday for throwback and sunday for legends packs, but I just wondered is there any pack where you stand a higher chance at packing higher rated cards and better cards such as informs and legends.

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    You really need to grind those 100k packs, and it's just out of luck. For example I didn't get any Icon until 2 days ago, I opened around 220 millions worth of 100k packs and got 3. I try to open around 100 million worth of packs a day.

    Also, I really like the 30k multi pack. I get alot of 85-86 rated informs (or any other special card) there. Plus, you get all those low rated non-rare players that you need for you club.

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    My packluck is so bad but those throwback packs are great

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    I've never got an icon in an icon shot pack, but I have in 100k packs, and a 2 PLAYER PACK

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