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Thread: Favourite Clubs?

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    Post Favourite Clubs?

    Hey FW Community, I would like a list of your favourite clubs in world football. Please use the comment section on this thread to respond! This will benefit your experience for this upcoming Futwatch year!
    Please exclude any Premier League clubs from your lists! Thanks!

    - Mitro

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    my favourite team is Bayern München

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    Trying to find Arsenal's last title
    <- rip I can't use that

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    My favourite team is PSV
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    Apart from Arsenal it's Dover Athletic but they're not in Fifa so idk if you want that. Probably Koln and Fiorentina from Fifa clubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle_123 View Post
    *favourite ffs
    You can edit posts you know.
    New squad project: sets: 6/11, 6/11, 5/11, 4/11, 3/11, bdors 0/3, random rewards 0/2, don't know th last player.

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    real madrid

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    FSV Mainz & Pachuca

    & why no PL clubs?

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    will we be able to use the ones that are not in fifa ?

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