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Thread: Easter Egg hunt schedule

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    Easter Egg hunt schedule

    Tell me if you found one! (UK time)

    Sunday, 12PM-1AM: 25K Player Pack
    Sunday, 9AM-10AM: Mini Calcio A
    Sunday, 10AM-11AM: 100k
    Sunday, 12AM-1PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Sunday, 1PM-2PM: Mini La Liga
    Sunday, 2PM-3PM: 25K Player Pack
    Sunday, 3PM-4PM: Mini EPL packs
    Sunday, 4PM-5PM: Mini Calcio A packs
    Sunday, 5PM-6PM: 50k
    Sunday, 6PM-7PM: 30k
    Sunday, 7PM-8PM: Mini Ligue 1
    Sunday, 8PM-9PM: 100k
    Sunday, 9PM-10PM: 30k
    Sunday, 11PM-12PM: Mini Serie a
    Monday, 12PM-AM: 25k Silver
    Monday, 1AM-2AM: 100k
    Monday, 2AM-3AM: 25k Gold
    Monday, 11AM-12AM: 25k player pack
    Monday, 12AM-1PM: Mini Ligue 1
    Monday, 1PM-2PM: 25k Silver
    Monday, 2PM-3PM: 25k Gold
    Monday, 3PM-4PM: Mini PL
    Monday, 5PM-6PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Monday, 6PM-7PM: 30k
    Monday, 7PM-8PM: 25k gold
    Monday, 9PM-10PM: Silver
    Tuesday, 12PM-1AM: 25k Silver
    Tuesday, 7AM-8PM:
    Tuesday, 10AM-11AM: 100k
    Tuesday, 11AM-12AM: 25k gold
    Tuesday, 12AM-1PM: Mini Ligue 1
    Tuesday, 1PM-2PM: Silver
    Tuesday, 2PM-3PM: 25k Gold
    Tuesday, 3PM-4PM: Mini PL
    Tuesday, 4PM-5PM: 25k Silver
    Tuesday, 5PM-6PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Tuesday, 6PM-7PM: 30k
    Tuesday, 7PM-8PM: Mini Calcio A
    Tuesday, 8PM-9PM: 30k
    Tuesday, 9PM-10PM: Mini Ligue 1
    Tuesday, 10PM-11PM: Mini la liga
    Tuesday, 11PM-12PM: Mini PL
    Wednesday, 6AM-7AM: 25k Silver
    Wednesday, 7AM-8AM: 25k Gold
    Wednesday, 8AM-9PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Wednesday, 11AM-12AM: Mini la Liga
    Wednesday, 2PM-3PM: Mini Calcio A
    Wednesday, 5PM-6PM: Mini PL
    Wednesday, 6PM-7PM: 100k
    Wednesday, 7PM-8PM: Mini PL
    Wednesday, 8PM-9PM: Bronze
    Wednesday, 9PM-10PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Wednesday, 10PM-11PM: 100k
    Wednesday, 11PM-12PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Thursday, 3AM-4AM: 50k
    Thursday, 4AM-5AM: Mini Bundesliga
    Thursday, 12AM-1PM: Mini PL
    Thursday, 1PM-2PM: 100k
    Thursday, 2PM-3PM: 25k silvers
    Thursday, 3PM-4PM: 30k
    Thursday, 4PM-5PM: Mini PL
    Thursday, 5PM-6PM: 50k
    Thursday, 6PM-7PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Thursday, 7PM-8PM: Mini Ligue 1
    Thursday, 8PM-9PM: Silver
    Thursday, 9PM-10PM: 50k
    Thursday, 10PM-11PM: Mini PL
    Thursday, 11PM-12PM: 50k
    Friday, 7AM-8AM: Silver
    Friday, 8AM-9AM: Bronze
    Friday, 9AM-10AM: Mini La Liga
    Friday, 10AM-11AM: 100k
    Friday, 11AM-12PM: Silver
    Friday, 12PM-1PM: Mini Bundesliga
    Friday, 1PM-2PM: Mini La Liga
    Friday, 2PM-3PM: 25k gold
    Friday, 3PM-4PM: 50k
    Friday, 4PM-5PM: Mini Calcio A
    Friday, 8PM-9PM: 30k
    Saturday, 2PM-3PM: 50k
    Saturday, 5PM-6PM: 50k
    Saturday, 6PM-7PM: Ligue 1
    Saturday, 7PM-8PM: Mini La Liga
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    Quote Originally Posted by pedrofski View Post
    and now?
    i'm searching

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    Quote Originally Posted by pedrofski View Post
    and now?
    50k packs

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    do you know know goofy?

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    they're in bronze player packs rn

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    This hour they're in 30k's, this list could come in handy

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    May 2016
    6 points ahead Barcelona
    8-9PM = 100kpack

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    They are in mini epl packs rn

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    we have to try every hour because its the same every week

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