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Thread: Idea of "Happy Hour Draft"

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    Idea of "Happy Hour Draft"

    I think about an idea that call "happy hour draft", when futwatch had happy hour there is a draft for an hour, the 5 subtitles in the end will be:
    1 throwback
    1 legend
    1 toty
    1 inform
    1 ones to watch
    Its doesn't matter for me which type of cardes will be the subtitles if the idea will come true its just what I think.
    and I think its will be cool to add for draft:
    Holiday Cards, Birthday Cards, Pro cards and Ballon D'or
    I dont know if Pro and Ballon D'or will come to drafts but birthday and holiday can be nice.

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    Tbh, you just described something really similar to just a wildcard draft.

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    ^^ Basically the same thing

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