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Thread: SBC solutions

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    where cn i find the sbcs

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    Quote Originally Posted by pedrofski View Post
    where cn i find the sbcs
    On my squads.
    New squad project: sets: 6/11, 6/11, 5/11, 4/11, 3/11, bdors 0/3, random rewards 0/2, don't know th last player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxGubbels View Post
    did you know there was an edit button, not trying to be funny.

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    hmm anyone finished sbc for alves ?

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    I have most of the SBCs

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    I have every SBC that's out now :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmattinho View Post
    I have every SBC that's out now :)
    Same here, just need to complete Giovinco :)

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    A Request
    this is just a request for later on when abc's have been out for a while and there aren't new ones coming out regularly. you could have an SBC each week for a player that could've got a totw but didn't and to get that you have to put at least 1 player from that totw in to get him. i understand if you can't it would just be a good idea.

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