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Thread: Toty packs!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpgsoccer04 View Post
    It easier theoretically since there is a higher percentage of chance getting them since they are lower rated.
    but seeing as there's a 0% chance for me to pack anything good that doesn't apply to me

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    ehm,in these packs you can find toty:
    So technically,they should be still in packs

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    And btw,these midfielders are in packs (on fifa) until tomorrow,so the chance should be higher than attackers (that were in packs for 2 days)

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    You must just be really unlucky or im just getting insane luck. I just got my 2nd Iniesta from 25 mil. That stinks

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    Right, My midfielders are done, 3/3, complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matias77 View Post
    Right, My midfielders are done, 3/3, complete
    How many mil worth of packs did you open?

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    Kroos again... :(

    Modric left.

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