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Thread: Shared accounts, the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matias77 View Post
    I'm not quite there yet Matt
    I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTamas View Post
    I noticed that there are more and more shared accounts on futwatch, as getting all the valuable players is so time consuming i think to stay on top positions it could be the only way. What do you think about it?

    If i choose to play for 18 (which atm is a no) would only do it with shared account. I would even make my 17 team now as from the second half of this month I will just barely have time to play, but i wont cause it is connected to my fb account.

    On the other side maybe it can take some away from the experience if it is not you who packs a good player but still thats the efficient way. Also it is have to rely on trust.

    How many of you guys playing on a shared account now and what do you think about this theory?
    i don't really think so, i mean, i don't have a shared club and i managed to stay in the top 10 still, and on top of that, i work and i was going to school, now im on vacations, but still, for that i stayed a little behind, but still, im in the top 10, i think it dependes more on your luck, like, reaper is with kaox, but the other day, he was opening new year packs by himself and got like 10 ballon d'ors lmao

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