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Thread: Hacked

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    I didn't tell him. Could someone tell Futwatch about this?

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    He'll eventually notice this topic and will investigate the situation I'm sure, still any of you guys can always tweet him or PM him here in the forums.

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    Now, I just got TOTY Neuer on the wheel, but I had TWO of them. Same with my Power Players.

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    I restored your players

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    Thank you so much. This website is awesome!

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    I just noticed this thread, and if its possible to get players back, can I get these players back: purple ronaldo, ibrahimogrinch (from christmas), TOTY neuer, pro vorm and pro McNair
    My club name is Wreckd, and here is some proof:

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    Ya but what if it's not your friend

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    What the heck? They are gone AGAIN.

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    How is it so that you have all the players in the squad???

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    okay bro this is really stupid change your password or make a new account or get new better friends, i really doubt he will do this for you every single day

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