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Thread: 3000 twitter followers and Cyber Monday giveaway

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    Really? I'm done. I am so active and they don't give a single shit.

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    Yay i won but i got a shit pack xD

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    My Futwatch Club Name: RazorBack FC

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    My futwatch club name is andi_boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by guyandroei View Post
    club name is roeilitman12
    Quote Originally Posted by michieldhondt View Post
    My club name is michieldhondt
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrei View Post
    My futwatch club name is andi_boss
    The giveaway is over by the way.

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    I won in the giveaway, but the players I got were IF Robben, TB Müller, and TB Febregas. Those were the best three players I got from it. My pack was worth 4.8 Million, but if you want to see my whole pack go onto my Twitter at @WolfSlayer.

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