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legends pls
04-12-2016, 08:27 AM
First of all, I'm not dead. Sense was talked into me at the last possible minute. Still, it's been hard to go on living for the last few days, because losing the club I had worked so hard on was nothing short of traumatic.

However, I have not changed my stance on leaving FutWatch.

In the minutes after realizing my club was gone, when I was still in the illusion that I could start over again, I realized that I wasn't opening packs any slower. Yep, the sole reason that I lost my club, and I couldn't stop doing it. I realize now that, no matter how many times I get reset, I am still going to, consciously or unconsciously, open packs too fast for the server to keep up.

I don't know if it's some sort of disorder, because I'm not sure if trigger finger is actually a disease or disorder or anything like that. What I do know is, my sheer desire to pack amazing players, fuelled by the recent introduction of Ballon D'or players, caused me to open as many packs as possible, as fast as possible, in order to experience that satisfaction of finally pulling them. FutWatch became a drug for me, if you will. My pure drive and determination to succeed on FutWatch is what ultimately caused me to lose everything on FutWatch, which is pretty nonsenical for me, and thus, pretty damn sad.

I realize now that, with drive like mine, there is no way I can survive on FutWatch's limited server. No matter how many times I try to rebuild, I will always keep getting reset within days because of my drive. It's actually kind of a wonder I even survived this long.

I'll have to stop building drafts and posting on the forums, too. The bitterness and pure sorrow over losing my pride and joy is something I don't think I'll ever get over, and I'd like to stay away from anything that could remind me of it.

Anyway, I hope you understand. I'm still forever grateful to FutWatch for giving me such an amazing experience with packing these players. From the first pack I opened, with Benzema and Godin in it, to the very last, with silver IF Hoarau, from 92 FIFA 15 Ronaldo, my first good pull, to 88 FIFA 16 Griezmann, my last good pull, from Juan Jesus, my first FIFA 15 pro, to Beausejour, my last FIFA 16 pro, from Brian Laudrup, my first FIFA 15 legend, to Bobby Moore, my last FIFA 16 legend, to Di Stefano, my only Ballon D'or player, it has been one hell of a ride; a ride I can no longer enjoy.

And so, exactly one year to the day I opened my first pack, I sign off for the final time. Thank you once again, and farewell.

Eduardo Martinez
04-29-2016, 04:47 PM
It is just a website. Try something else besides opening packs. Go outside and enjoy the nature. It is good for your health.

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WTF this is from 9 months ago

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WTF this is from 9 months ago


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see ya

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WTF this is from 9 months ago

I know