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01-01-2016, 10:42 PM
I've been posting updates on twitter, but I recognize that not everyone uses it, (If you do, make sure to follow @futwatch (http://twitter.com/futwatch) for the fastest news and updates) so I wanted to address the issue here as well.

First off, let me apologize for all the downtime over the past week. I know it's not fun when you want to open packs or do a draft and you can't access the site.

The futwatch servers are housed in a data center that's run by a company called Linode. Starting on Christmas, Linode was the target of massive, ongoing distributed denial-of-service attacks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack#Distributed_attack) ("DDOS"). DDOS attacks are very difficult to stop and they take the site offline by overwhelming the servers. Someone really, really wants to see the servers offline because an attack of this scale likely costs a significant amount of money. If you remember last Christmas, the same thing happened to Xbox and PSN when a hacker group called Lizard Squad launched a DDOS attack and made it so we all couldn't play FIFA over the holidays.

During a DDOS attack, there's very little that I (or anyone) can do to stop them. We just have to wait for it to stop and for the servers to come back online. But that's not to say that we've been doing nothing. Starting with the first attacks, we have been attempting to migrate futwatch to different servers in a different data center that's operated by a different hosting company. That process has been made more difficult by the ongoing attacks and the dynamic nature of futwatch.

Remember, if Sony and Microsoft can't do anything to prevent their services from going down, what is a guy running a website in his free time supposed to do? My number one priority is making sure that you have as much fun as possible on futwatch and you can access the website whenever you want to. Please accept my apologies as I know the amount of downtime recently has been completely unacceptable.

The attacks seem to have stopped for now, but there's no guarantee that they won't start again today, tomorrow, or a month from now. Any website hosted by any company is at risk for attacks like these, but we're taking proactive steps to try to limit the impact to you going forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

01-05-2016, 11:20 AM
At least we're back, eh?

01-05-2016, 09:47 PM
At least we're back, eh?

Temporarily because who knows when the next DDOS attack will happen? It's unpredictable.