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07-05-2016, 10:17 PM
I was thinking and maybe this whole "Chemistry Glitch" could be something EA has had in place purposely for many iterations of FUT.

Follow my lead here guys:

- Day one cards seem to be the only one's affected positively by chemistry and or chemistry styles. These cards are obviously the one's everyone uses when they first get the game, and your normal FUT user thinks "Hm, this certain player is performing quite well, maybe I'll open some packs to get his better version when he comes out or if he's already available, whether it be an upgraded card or a first or second IF".

- After they try these cards, your average player thinks their "original card" performed better or about the same as the upgraded version, so they sell the IF and buy back their "first" cards, therefore already spending FIFA points and losing coins on the process, which means EA not only gains money but also controls the flux of coins on the FUT market.

- Then TOTY and TOTS cards come out, there so many of them with such higher stats that the "thirst" to open packs continues. There's still no need to make them affected by chemistry, because they are already so much better that they perform better either way. Also by not making them affected by chemistry, it allows people to build drafts however they want, making EA even more money because people start to realize that playing LW Ronaldo at ST or RW Bale in CM seems to little to no penalty in their performance.

I know all of this may sound far fetched, and it definitely does. But after all it's EA we're talking about, so everything's possible at this point.

Anyways I'd like to hear your guy's opinions on this "crazy" theory of mine.

07-06-2016, 12:40 AM
I don't think it's all that crazy. It seems to be a common thought that the chemistry glitch could actually be intentional handicapping, but it doesn't make sense that transfers and position changes would also be affected. I'm inclined to believe it's an actual glitch.

But what's interesting is that no one was able to prove anything until someone found a skill move that they could tie to a specific stat. People have long since said their players feel off, but usually those same people said it only happened when they were playing a much lower rated squad. I think the most interesting part of all of this might be how little stats actually matter. The conventional wisdom now seems to be that three chevrons of dribbling equals 10 stats. If it takes this level of testing to see the effect of 10 stat points, how much does an IF upgrade of +1 or +2 really matter? Seems like the answer is not at all.

The BT Show
07-06-2016, 03:08 AM
My initial thought is there is no way the chemistry could be glitched the way it is without them knowing. Surely when they run a match they can see the player ratings on their end and see that there is no boost for chemistry. I am curious if they did it for a few possible reasons.

1- I think this is most likely and most interesting - The IF cards get so high in rating that stats would get boosted over 100 on a consistent basis, they may have an issue when stats go over 99 either in the game or they dont want stats over 99. If there is a cap at 99 for every stat then there are few advantages to some of the top tier vs cards rated just below it; 99 ronaldo would get capped at 99 in many stats even on full chem so having 96 Neymar with chem boosts gets him to that 99 cap in the same stats as ronaldo meaning there is no difference in the in game stats between TOTS Ronaldo 2.35m on full chem and TOTS Neymar 800K on full chem. You could even see 97 IF Ronaldo for a million less on the same in game stats as TOTS 99 Ronaldo if stats are capped at 99.

2- I would be cool with the idea that IF cards are never under base chem. Like a special bonus for IF cards and realistic imo, a player in form would have good chemistry with any 11 even if he doesnt usually play with them. People have suggested similar changes to chemistry like IF cards get better chem links with all other IFs or similar ideas for TOTY/TOTS. Basicly make all special cards like legends. they may have put this in place but by error had all the upgrades and transfers impacted as well.

3- I think it could have also been because of competitive balance being way off by special cards on full chem being so OP that someone with base gold team struggles to compete with the stat gap.